WUS 100

Stationary block-making machine WUS-100 is manufactured in semi-automatic or automatic version. It has one hopper and is used for production of single-layer concrete products, such as: cobblesett, pavement slabs, solid blocks, grass blocks and other precast road units. It’s a perfect solution for companies that want to add a medium-efficiency machine to their plant while maintaining high quality of products. For companies that want to develop, there is a possibility of adding another hopper, which allows for manufacturing two-layer products.

Technical data

Height mm 3000
Lenght mm 2200
Width mm 1900
Forming field mm 1000×600
* Options forming field mm 1150×750
* Options forming field mm 1300×900
Height of formed element mm 40-300
Ilość wibratorów szt 4
Pojemność kosza m3 0,7
Zapotrzebowanie energii kW 36
Ilość silników elektrycznych szt. 5

*wydajność uz. od wybranego pola formowania

m2/8h ~ 400

Examples of prefabricated products