WAS 350

Stationary block-making machine WAS-350 is fully automatic, it is used for production of wide range of precast elements, both single- and two-layer ones, up to 300 mm height, or optionally up to 400 mm. Concrete is compacted and shapes are formed on the production platform. One cycle takes 20-30 seconds. Thanks to the advanced production process, the machine is capable of producing highest quality concrete precast units. The block making machine is produced in two versions: standard (basic solutions) and max (innovative solutions). The versions are adjusted to individual needs of clients. Additionally, the stationary block-making machine can be outfitted with stacker and destacker of production pallets, as well as other additional devices such as pallet cleaner and pallet rotator. The equipment enables to close the production process and to build a highly efficient line for production of precast elements. More details available upon inquiry. Precast concrete products manufactured by WAS 350: concrete blocks, shuttering blocks, filler blocks, fireplace blocks, solid blocks, footway edgings, road edgings, planters, fencing elements, cobblesett, pavement slabs, solid blocks, grass blocks and other precast road units


Technical data

Height mm 3000
Length mm 6900
Width mm 2000
Forming field mm 1250×900
Height of formed element mm 40-350
No. of vibrating devices szt 6
Capacity of concrete container m3 2 x 0,8
Power demand kW 48
Number of electric engines szt. 9
Productivity m2/8h ~ 450
Weight kg 12 000

Examples products made by WAS 350