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PHK 500

The egg-laying concrete block making machine works PHK 500 in manual or automatic mode. The machine operates as an egg-laying system, which means that it moves on wheels on smooth and flat concrete flooring. The steering mechanism enables to handle the machine. The concrete material is compacted by vibrating and pressing. Most of all, PHK 500 combines efficiency and versatility, it can produce precast concrete units of height ranging from 220 mm to 500 mm,
PHK 500 was designed to manufacture the following types of precast concrete products: concrete blocks, shuttering blocks, filler blocks, fireplace blocks, solid blocks, footway edgings, road edgings, planters, fencing elements, planters, trench drains, fencing systems, piled walls. To facilitate the production, the PHK concrete block machines can cooperate with other machines, such as: palletizer, concrete dump container.

We also produce moulds for our machines.

Technical data